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"When I enrolled in the program, I was really committed to the 5-Day Challenge while working as a full-time IT professional. I'm ONLY doing real estate investing as my part-time income and I got my first deal in just 30 days.

Nhan's step-by-step guide on everything in the class has turned on light bulbs. Now I know how to position myself with authority over my clients and have a way to organize so I am not lost in a pile of paper. A million THANKS!"
Alan T.
"With RESS training, I was able to not only organize my real estate assets but I got a handle on important aspects of my business I didn't even know was out of control and all over the place – some were even costing me money!

Nhan and our market leader leave no stone left unturned in this program. They literally cover EVERYTHING a real estate investor needs when laying the foundational processes for their investments."
Tatyana B.

Lee Johnson

Market Leader | Sterling, VA

As the Co-Founder and Vice President of Value Investment Partners (VIP), Lee is responsible for implementing strategic methods to grow VIP and help partners grow their wealth using various alternative investment strategies that allow leveraging money and time, conducting and monitoring project due diligence as well as mentoring other investors. He has been investing in real estate since 2005 through multifamily, private money lending and rehabbing residentials properties.


His current multifamily portfolio spans multiple markets around the country – over 2800 units valued at about $334 million. As both an active and passive investor, his approach to business is “Being an investor FIRST” which simply means he only shares investment opportunities that he also invests in himself. He is a driving force for embodying creative use of alternative investment strategies, building generational wealth and empowering people to achieve wealth.

Darrell Jordan

Market Leader | Suffolk, VA

Darrell graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in electrical engineering. His graduate education was in Information Systems at the State University of New York. He has been married for 45 years to his high school sweetheart, Cathleen. They have 6 children and 14 grandchildren.

His passion is to help others succeed in real estate investing. Prior to real estate, he held leadership positions in information technology with more than 40 years of experience. He met Nhan at a real estate networking event, attended the training events, and applied the information precisely to become success.

Today, he credits his success to all the training and support that Nhan and his team provided throughout the years. His success portfolio includes transactions as fix/flip, wholesaling, and buy/hold.

Nhan Lam

Founder & Market Leader | Gainesville, VA

Nhan Lam is a true entrepreneur who owns and operates several successful businesses. As the son of a family who escaped communist Vietnam in the 1970s, he was conditioned to never be complacent. His parents taught him to never take the freedoms we have in America for granted and that he should always give his best in everything he does.


He has a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, and he achieved great success in Corporate America. However, despite his high salary, he knew that his job would not help him achieve the goals that he desired, which were to retire his parents, be a stay-at-home parent, and have the true freedoms that were meant for every American (the freedom of choice). He continually sought out business opportunities in his spare time and became successful in several of them on a part-time basis but realized that his passion was in real estate.


In 2011, he decided to attend a Real Estate Rehabbing Bootcamp. From there, he applied what he learned to building a sustainable real estate business while he was still working on his full-time job. Within 2 years, he replaced his full-time income and left his job. He is a father to 5 children and the thing that he enjoys the most is his ability to be flexible to the needs of his family. Since going full time, he averages 12 to 15 deals per year which includes Rehabs, Wholesales, and Rentals and has also started several other companies to support real estate investors.


As of 2023, he has trained over 1,000 students face to face through his bootcamp trainings and mentoring programs and is proud to say that the success rate of his students are well above industry average. He contributes this success to his commitment to provide a customized business plan for students based on the skills they have today and not commit them to long-term learning that may lead to nowhere. He believes that the measure of success is not by how much money you make, but instead by how many people you have helped along the way to achieve the same success.